PHOTOGRAPHER / Moment Agency

Exhibition Umeå

In October Almost Perfect opened at Sune Johnsson Centrum för Dokumentärfotografi in Umeå, Sweden. Almost Perfect is a project in photography and film by the Nordic photographers’ collective Moment, in collaboration with curator Susanne Fessé.

My exhibition 'Beginning of the Party' was part of the exhibition.

In Almost Perfect we explore the polarized images of our home countries in six unique photographic projects. Each project takes a starting point in one or more of the traits that we see as defining for the Nordic societies: equality, individualism, appearance, style, secularism, the welfare state and our connection with nature. Each artist interprets their chosen theme in light of these core values to reflect today’s realities in the Nordic countries.

Beginning of the party was featured in VICE magazine

 The exhibition is the first stop of a tour through the Nordic countries and aside from exhibiting photography and film Moment also hosted a seminar: ‘Perfect Nordic’ in which the six photographers presented the work of Almost Perfect and discussed in collaboration with the audience what it means to be Nordic today. The program ended with a talk and discussion with Swedish PHD Lars Trägårdh who has studied the “Nordic Model”.

SVT interview from the exhibition opening